Tagbanwa men faithful to lead

POSTED ON 2010-02-25
  by Dena McMaster

God prepared several Tagbanwa believers in the Philippines to minister in the church while the missionaries were away.

Missionary Danny Brooks left the Tagbanwas with the materials needed to lead the church before he left for home assignment. He gave copies of the completed Bible lessons to Joshua and Romy so they could teach the lessons and gave a folder of songs and pictures to Edmond who would take over the music ministry. He encouraged them to stand firm in the truth they were taught and rely on God to enable them.

The men faithfully assumed responsibility for leading their fellow believers in worshipping God. Joshua and Romy taught the lessons they had helped the missionaries prepare. Edmond began to function in the area of music while some of the ladies agreed to lead the singing each week.

When Ray and Chris Pollock arrived back in the village they were delighted to see a functioning church with real unity.

Ray determined that he would not slip back into a leadership role but would encourage the believers to continue just as they had been doing in his absence.

"So I just took a back seat, and watched as Joshua opened the meeting in prayer," wrote Ray, "and then the singing began. The ladies took their place up front, and although it was not the best sound I have ever heard, it was a great joy just to see the church functioning on its own. This is going to be an exciting year, as we see what the Lord has in store for this small church."

Pray that the Tagbanwa believers will continue to assume leadership responsibilities in leadership and outreach.

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