They want to hear every night

POSTED ON 2010-06-21
  by David Bell

For more than a month now Tabyus has been teaching evangelistic Bible lessons to one Manobo couple and another man in the Philippines.

This is the first teaching Tabyus has done for more than two years. He was asked by church leaders to take a break from teaching because of his inconsistent teaching habits.

"We’re so excited that he is back teaching and is being so encouraged by this group that is so interested in hearing," wrote missionaries Gene and Carol Trudeau.

The threesome has insisted on being taught every night.

Tabyus sometimes uses a Saber MP3 player in his teaching. Before each lesson there are review questions going all the way back to lesson one. And then at the end of each lesson there are questions on that lesson.

On the Saber recording a bell rings after each question. This cues the teacher to pause the Saber before the answer is given on the Saber. These people are so keen that they answer the questions before the bell rings.

Just four more lessons and they will reach lessons on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

Please pray that nothing will interfere to keep them from listening all the way through and that they will put their faith in Christ.

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