Manobo couple follow Jesus

POSTED ON 2010-07-27
  by Dena McMaster

Wila, a young Manobo woman in the Philippines, was very active in the Manobo church as a teenager. But, she married an unsaved man and strayed from the Lord.

"Last Sunday she confessed her sin before the church and encouraged the other single girls to not follow what she did," wrote missionary Carol Trudeau. "Confessing sin and especially before a group is definitely a step out of traditional Manobo culture."

Now her unsaved husband, Garus, has been attending the teaching of evangelistic Bible lessons. When he heard the lessons on the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, he seemed to understand the Gospel message. He missed a few of the following lessons when he left the village for several days. His father-in-law is helping him catch up by playing the lessons on an MP3 player.

Pray that Garus will continue to grow in knowledge and understanding of the wonderful Savior and that he will apply those truths to his life.

Pray also for Wila to stand strong in the Lord and be a godly example to her husband.

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