Bikbik comes home

POSTED ON 2010-08-10
  by David Bell

When Bikbik was taken from her Higaunon village in the Philippines several years ago, missionaries Lance and Laura Ostman assured her father, Tahak, that “God will have His way.”

Today Bikbik and her husband have returned to the village and are hearing evangelistic Bible teaching.

Tahak didn’t see his daughter for many years. Bikbik was taken down river and lived with her uncle’s family, where she was eventually forced into marriage.

Tahak recently told the Ostmans, “It’s true what you said about God having His way and now I have three grandchildren and Bikbik and her husband are listening to the teaching. We were able to buy them a Bible too. I am so excited!”

Please pray that this family will understand what they are hearing and will put their faith in Christ.

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