Former teachers come back

POSTED ON 2010-08-16
  by David Bell

Two Manobo Bible teachers in the Philippines, who were out of fellowship with the Lord, have confessed their sins and returned to meeting with the believers.

Pulding, who first started teaching God’s Word when he was 12 and taught for many years, stopped teaching and attending believers’ meetings about a year ago. He appeared at a recent meeting to ask his fellow believers to forgive him for his behavior.

At the same meeting, Anu also asked forgiveness for disobeying church leaders. A few months ago, Anu permitted his daughter to marry a young man that church leaders had questions about.

The young man had listened to evangelistic Bible teaching, but gave unclear answers when questioned about his understanding of the Gospel. Church leaders and other believers recommended that Anu wait to see if the young man would continue listening to the teaching. They suspected that he was only listening so he could "get the girl."

Since the wedding, the young man has not returned to hear Bible teaching.

"It has been very encouraging to see these two Bible teachers get right with the Lord," wrote Gene and Carol Trudeau. "Both attended the Friday night Bible teacher meeting here at our house. It was so good to see them attend again."

"Pray … that the time will come when they will once again be faithfully teaching God’s Word," the Trudeaus wrote.

Pray too that Anu’s son-in-law will once again listen to the teaching.

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