Believers attract interest

POSTED ON 2010-09-07
  by David Bell

When Manobo believers attended a wedding in another village last week it sparked an interest for more Manobos in the Philippines to hear evangelistic Bible teaching.

The groom was the son of a Manobo Bible teacher -- Pablu -- whose family moved to the village more than two years ago to teach God’s Word.

Pablu’s ministry has been slow going. He has taught evangelistic Bible lessons twice to small groups with only a handful of believers. Pablu has experienced times of discouragement.

"But now after the wedding, there is more interest," wrote missionaries Gene and Carol Trudeau. "The unsaved in the village were so impressed with the believers ... who attended the wedding and so impressed with the wedding that honored God that many said that they now want to listen to the evangelistic phase of the teaching!

"There was no drunkenness like there would normally be at the wedding of the unsaved. No fights; lots of singing to the Lord. What a delight it was to hear of the testimony the believers ... had to the people there."

"But we’ve also noticed over the past couple of years that the fervor of the believers here for the Word of God and their fervor for walking with Him daily has been waning.

"Last week, Piduy … shared with Gene that he sometimes cries at night asking the Lord to return to him the love and fervor that he had for the Lord in the past. We’re been praying for revival for some time now. It was encouraging to hear Piduy express his need for revival and his desire to experience it."

Other Manobos have also expressed the need for revival.

"Please pray that the spark will flare into full-fledged revival," the Trudeaus wrote.

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