Bastun returns the favor

POSTED ON 2010-10-04
  by David Bell

Bastun, though small in stature, is proving to be a spiritual giant as he walks with God.

The Banwaon Bible teacher in the Philippines was so tiny when he was born that his parents took him deep into the jungle to die. Such is the custom of the Banwaon people when they believe that the infant was certain to die anyway.

But God had another plan for Bastun.

An uncle retrieved the helpless, abandoned baby from the jungle and nurtured and cared for him.

Bastun grew to follow his uncle’s teachings, worshipping and sacrificing to the spirits. But when missionaries began sharing God’s Word in his village he heard the Gospel and put his faith in Christ.

After coming to Christ, Bastun’s heart was heavy for his uncle who continued to fear and follow the spirits. He prayed for many years that his uncle would have a desire to know about Christ and his prayers are now being answered.

Bastun is teaching his uncle about the Savior.

He told his uncle, "Just as you pulled me from the jungle that day so I might live, I pray that by listening to my teaching you might one day be pulled from the spirits’ ways, believe in Jesus Christ and live forever with God and me in Heaven."

Please pray that Bastun’s uncle will clearly understand the Gospel and join his nephew in God’s family.

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