Youths help Tagbanwa missionaries

POSTED ON 2010-11-09
  by David Bell

A Tagbanwa youth group in the Philippines wants to help support missionaries their church sent to a village 60 miles away three years ago.

Nguun and Tilil have been ministering to plant a church in their adopted village, but Tilil has been battling tuberculosis. She completed treatment for her condition a couple of years ago but the TB has recently returned.

Four churches have partnered to support the couple but their support is not adequate for their monthly expenses and to provide for further medical treatment.

The young people want to plant more than one acre of ginger to help supplement Nguun and Tilil’s income. They believe the project will more that double the missionaries’ monthly support.

Please pray that the youth will have the energy and means to complete the project and pray that Tilil will be able to get the medical care she needs.

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