Manobo church growing

POSTED ON 2011-01-17
  by Ian Fallis

Gene and Carol Trudeau are praising God for the work He is doing through Manobo believers in the Philippines.

Sagli and Aylu recently came to visit the believers in the village where the Trudeaus live. The two Manobo Bible teachers are presenting evangelistic Bible lessons in a village more than two days’ hike away.

Along the way, they were joined by believers from another village, and the Manobo Bible teacher who is serving there, Astun.

"We had never before met these believers," Gene and Carol wrote. "We had a great time visiting with Astun and his wife and getting to know them. What an encouraging time to see all these believers who are a result of Manobo believers reaching out with God’s Word."

Another recent development has been help for Pablu, who began in outreach in a lowlands Manobo village three years ago. Each weekend, Tilmun goes down to help him by teaching the believers there. "They are very keen to learn and are willing to listen for hours to the teaching of the book of Acts," Gene and Carol wrote.

Pablu is sharing evangelistic Bible lessons with 30 people. "They have demanded to be taught every night," the Trudeaus wrote.

Their interest resulted from the wedding of one of Pablu’s sons in that village. "A group of believers from the village where we live attended the wedding," Gene and Carol wrote. "The unbelievers there were so impressed with the behavior of the believers ... that about 30 of them said that wanted to listen to the teaching. Those are the ones that Pablu is now teaching."

And another Manobo church in the lowlands is planning to begin teaching evangelistic Bible lessons in yet another Manobo village.

And those are just the recent developments in the Manobo church. Several other outreaches are in progress or being planned.

Please pray for all the teachers and those who are hearing God’s Word. And pray that God continues to raise up Bible teachers among the Manobo people.

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