Stuffing sin into a backpack

POSTED ON 2011-04-06
  by David Bell

Manobo Bible teachers have been encouraging the believers to be more involved in ministering to and caring for each other.

“We praise God for the Manobo men He has raised up to teach the believers,” wrote Gene and Carol Trudeau. “We just sit in awe as we listen to them explain Scripture, pulling together verses that the Holy Spirit has shown them that apply to what they are teaching.”

A few Sundays ago, Pulding focused on being ready for Christ's return. He emphasized the need for believers to confess their sins and be cleansed by the blood of Jesus.

He pointed out how people like to hide their sins, like stuffing them into a backpack, zipping it closed and holding it tight, only opening it to add another sin they don't want to deal with.

He said sometimes someone will come along and point out a sin to another person, taking it out of their pack, but that person usually just grabs it and stuffs it back into their pack.

Pulding emphasized the need to be involved in each others lives and help each other to see sin and confess it, being ready to stand before Christ.

"Isn't it better to take those sins out of our pack now and confess them than to wait until the judgment seat when Jesus will make them known?" he said.

“Please pray for all the Manobo Bible teachers,” the Trudeaus wrote. “Satan sets all kinds of traps for them and their families so they will be caught in temptation and not be able to continue teaching God's Word.” 

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