Tukid gets a garden

POSTED ON 2011-05-16
  by Dena McMaster

Tukid, a Manobo believer in the Philippines, is facing tough times. He’s been in the hospital for extensive medical treatment and unable to prepare his garden for planting. Since that is their main source of sustenance, Tukid was concerned.

“We knew he had reason to be distressed,” wrote missionary Judy Clarke. “He isn’t able to be preparing his farms … to provide for Idilin, his wife, and their eight children.”

So Tukid and Idilin were amazed when they found out that four of their Christian brothers slashed and burned his farms. And Tukid's brother-in-law, Tabyus, wanted to know where his seed was so he could plant the farms.  In Manobo culture no one helps another without promise of a payment.

“They just don't help,” wrote Judy. “We know because we see how they live. ...  This difference is what God's Word is doing and the work of the Holy Spirit in these people’s lives.”

These new Christians have moved away from cultural beliefs and are living out Christian principles they have learned.

“There are also changes taking place in Tukid’s life. We are watching his dependency and trust in God grow,” Judy wrote.

God is using a series of trials to grow and change Tukid for His honor and glory. Tukid and Idilin have had a lot of free time in the hospital and he has been teaching her how to write her name and the names of their eight children. She is so thrilled with her new skill and has shown Judy her lists of names as she practices her writing.

Pray for Tukid and Idilin to continue to grow in their dependency on God alone. Pray also for the Manobo church to continue to live out biblical principles not cultural imperatives.

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