Verses in Mengen thrill believers

POSTED ON 2012-01-20
  by Dena McMaster

Lourens Laureti and his Mengen Bible translation team have been learning how principles to help them translate God’s Word into the Mengen language.

They are learning about source language and receptor language as well as learning to be sure that the progression in text should show cohesion which provides unity.

While they are learning all sorts of needed information and techniques about translation, what excites the  Bible teachers is that they have translated verses in Ruth and Luke for the first time in Mengen history.

“We actually had our helpers getting all emotional and overwhelmed by the fact that they have helped us translate verses in Ruth and Luke,” wrote Lourens. “And that for the rest of the ages these words will be making a difference in people’s lives.”

Pray for Lourens and his team as they continue to learn translation principles and begin translating God’s Word into the Mengen language.

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