Injury leaves nowhere to go

POSTED ON 2012-01-04
  by Dena McMaster

The islands where the Biem people live are surrounded by steep cliffs that are so dangerous that from time to time people fall to their deaths.

So when a friend of missionaries Brandon and Rachel Buser and their co-worker Petra Depner, called them to come because his daughter Kukuom had fallen off the cliff, they expected the worst.

When they arrived they found that the 5-year-old child received no major injuries or broken major bones, but had multiple fractures in her feet and was in great pain. Brandon and Rachel treated little Kukuom as best they could and left for home.

Later that night Brandon went back, only to find the medicine lady was performing a ritual. She grabbed the hands, head and damaged feet and began to blow on each finger, ear, and toe. The little girl wailed and wanted her to stop but the ritual went on as the woman was enticing the spirit to come back that had left her because of her fall.

Brandon was frustrated that Rex would agree to have the medicine lady come as he had previously been very vocal about his disagreement with his people’s traditions, but facing his very ill daughter, he felt he had nowhere else to go. He has not yet had the opportunity to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel in his own language.

Pray for Brandon and the team working with the Biem people who intend to teach Firm Foundation Bible lessons this next year.

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