Dan hearing about Jesus

POSTED ON 2012-01-03
  by Dena McMaster

“Everyone come and bring plates, cups and money for the spirits that are bothering our sister, Dan.” shouted several Kuman people. “Let the spirits take it, be satisfied and leave her alone.”

Dan is a special friend of missionaries Will and Kelly Tallman.

“Dan is a grandmother in our adopted clan,” wrote Will. “A month ago she had what appears to be a stroke.  We have been bringing her medicine, food and encouraging words.”

Dan said she wanted to hear what the Bible had to say, so recently Will and some of the believers have been teaching her Firm Foundation Bible lessons.

Still there are others who want to search out the spirits or witches who they believe are causing Dan’s illness.  Several women who are part of a group Dan belongs to decided to make sacrifices to the spirit. So the call went out through the village for any who want to help.

The believers loudly protested against these sacrifices and the incident became a shouting match. Half of the village agreed with the believers but many angry young men promised retribution.

Pray the believers would stand strong on God’s word. Pray too that Dan will live long enough to learn the truth of Jesus and His perfect sacrifice.

Pray also for the safety of the Tallmans because the angry young men have gotten worked up in the past and things could turn violent against them or some of the Kuman believers. 

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