New believers growing in Christ

POSTED ON 2011-11-22
  by Dena McMaster

“God is doing an awesome thing among the Siar people,” wrote missionary Lane Sanford.

The new believers are beginning to grow in their knowledge of the Lord. As they discussed the event of God saving the Israelites at the Red Sea, they began to realize that they have the privilege and right as God’s children to sing praises to Him and thank Him for what He has done in their lives.

One of the believers went with Chris Lujan on a trip to help the missionaries working with the Tigak people as they help establish a strong church among the Tigaks.  Tande was able to interact with the believers there and he was excited to tell about his new brothers and how their fellowship in the Word encouraged him. He testified of some awesome, profound spiritual truths that God revealed to him during his time with the Tigak believers.

Pray for the new believers among the Siar and the Tigak people.

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