Open doors

POSTED ON 2011-11-16
  by Ian Fallis

On their recent return from home assignment, Jonathan and Susan Kopf found out not only that the Hewa church was growing and reaching out while they were gone, but a man who had been an enemy is now a friend, thanks to God’s work in his life.

When Jonathan was first presenting Firm Foundations Bible lessons among the Hewa people in 2005, a witchdoctor pulled many of the young men away. The same man later disrupted plans to begin Bible teaching in his village.

“Since our recent return to Hewa however, Faimpat … told me how the Lord opened the door for him and another young man to move into the witchdoctor’s village to teach the Bible,” Jonathan wrote. “He started by teaching the Creation through Christ lessons and Faimpat assures me that [the witchdoctor] as well as many of the other villagers are responding very positively.

“Since Faimpat’s initial sessions, he has continued by teaching through Acts, and he is now diving into the book of Romans,” Jonathan wrote.

“Please pray for Faimpat as he continues to share Christ with the villagers. Pray he will have wisdom and discernment in how to teach.”

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