Believers responding biblically

POSTED ON 2011-11-08
  by Dena McMaster

Uriay believers, living deep in the jungle, face many of the same struggles believers here in the USA do.

They, perhaps even more than we, realize that the battle is not against flesh and blood enemies but is against spiritual powers in high places.

It would be so easy to go back to the old ways. The believers are learning to walk with God through challenges such as disagreements with others and disagreements in marriage, which formerly would have been settled with a 28-inch bush knife and now are worked out with biblical principles. The pull of the money from the governmental forestry compensation battles with faithful attendance at teaching meetings. Marijuana is freely handed out by many of their relatives and they must respond properly to drug use.

In addition the believers face the difficulty of complying with the decisions made by their clan families. In their culture those things are mandatory. But now the believers must hold these decisions up against the Word of God and then decide what they must do.

Please pray for Bible teachers Paetrik and Stenli and for Aendru, Markus and Noel, who are growing in their role as teachers and leaders.

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