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POSTED ON 2011-10-21
  by Dena McMaster

Earlier this month the Siar people heard the culmination of Firm Foundations Bible teaching – the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ – and many joyfully placed their trust in Christ.

As missionaries Chris and Erin Lujan, Jon and Melissa Jackson and Lane and Karrie Sanford talked with Siars who had attended the lessons, they heard many eloquent testimonies of what Christ has done. Others expressed themselves in simple terms, telling of their love for Jesus.

The team continues to talk with those who attended and some are not clear on the Gospel message and will need additional teaching and clarification.

Chris noted several who have testified of their faith in Christ:

  • Steven and Matiwa, a young married couple. Stiven is the local elementary school teacher.
  • Rika, a single lady who is helping Erin learn the Siar language, and her aunt Lina.
  • Yulita trusted Christ and thus far is the only one in her family who has believed.
  • Amos and Lusian and their son Obin – Amos is helping write the Firm Foundation Bible lessons.
  • Tomalai, Amos’ dad, has also trusted Christ
  • Jon and Yowan – Jon is a translation co-worker and both are eager for more teaching.
  • Bernard is also helping write the Bible lessons and his wife Pitel have both trusted Christ.

There are many more Siars trusting in Christ as Savior and God is already beginning to teach them more about their relationship with Christ. It is a totally new thought to realize that all believers belong to one “clan” and all are one in that new relationship.

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