Where is your name?

POSTED ON 2011-10-14
  by Dena McMaster

Recently a Yembiyembi Bible teacher was teaching Revelation chapter 20. He became quite passionate as he read aloud verse 15: “And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.”

“Where is your name? Is it in here? I know my name is in here, but some of you are unsure, and don’t know. But you can know today. Today! Now! Not tomorrow! Where is your name? How did my name get in this book? ….Hmm I think it’s because I teach, and because my behavior is good? What? Can someone tell me how you get your name in this book?”

Many of the Yembiyembis called out, “By believing that Jesus paid the price for your sin debt.”

Missionaries Brooks Buser and Tim Shontere watched his passionate presentation.

The Bible teacher continued, “Guys, I am nothing special that I get my name in this book. … I saw that I was a wicked man in God’s eye. I realized I needed help. We all need help! This book is filling with the names of those that see their trashiness, see that they are on Satan’s side and then believe that the Bridge Man is their only way to God. Guys, just believe today. There are only two future homes awaiting the people of this ground. Where is your home? My home, right now as I stand here, my home is Heaven, with God.”

As of now 38 percent of the New Testament is finished and ready for printing. Praise God that these books will soon be available to the Yembiyembis. Pray that they will continue to consider their two future homes and will decide to place their faith in Jesus.

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