Looking for interest

POSTED ON 2011-09-30
  by Dena McMaster

Tony Sutton, Ben Hatton and Dennis, a Yembiyembi believer, are visiting several remote villages to see if any are interested in hearing God’s Word.

Reaching this remote area takes several types of transportation. An airplane will fly to an airstrip, where a helicopter will pick them up and drop them off in a remote village. From there they will go on foot, hiking for two days as they stop at the villages they come to gathering information and talking to the people. On the way back they will drift down the Sepik River in a dugout canoe for two days to reach an airstrip from which they can get a flight back to the mission center.

Dennis is Tony’s Yembiyembi brother and they have a close relationship. Tony is hoping that on the long hike he can spend some time discipling Dennis.

“We would love to see him grow more in his walk with the Lord,” wrote Tara, Tony’s wife.

Pray the villages the men visited will desire to have missionaries come and live with them and present evangelical Bible lessons. Pray for safety and health for these three men. Pray also for Tara and Missy Hatton and the children as they wait and pray for their husbands.

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