Bible teaching opens hearts

POSTED ON 2011-09-22
  by Dena McMaster

Last week the Siar people of Papua New Guinea heard evangelistic Bible lessons on the miracles of Jesus, demonstrating His deity, and the teaching from John chapter 3.

Missionary Chris Lujan was privileged to hear two Siar men, Jon and Ogen, discussing what God is teaching them. In the 30-minute conversation Ogen really opened his heart, expressing that he finally is clear on who God is.

“Jon interjected and humbly stated, ‘Yau ep yan barsan sa,’ which means, ‘I am just an empty man.’  He went on to explain that he is absolutely nothing without God and that God has to be the one who teaches and saves,” wrote Chris. “He concluded by saying that he could doing nothing in his own strength, he could only believe.”

Chris was challenged by their heartfelt expressions. Though they do not yet understand the finished work of Christ, they realize that they are sinners in desperate need of God and His promised Deliverer.

Pray that Jon and Ogen will have open hearts and minds to trust in the Savior when they hear the coming Gospel message. Pray too that Chris will depend on God and will give a clear, understandable presentation of Christ’s work on the cross.

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