Two more books for Siawis

POSTED ON 2011-09-16
  by Dena McMaster

The Siawi believers in Papua New Guinea will soon have the books of 2 Corinthians and John in their language.

Missionary Linda Krieg and her team of Siawi Bible translation co-workers have been busy checking 2 Corinthians with a missionary experienced in Bible translation. The book of John will be checked next and then both can be published. These two books will strengthen the believers as they wait for publication of the Siawi New Testament

Though publication of these two will be quite expensive, it is worthwhile because of the hunger for the written Word expressed by the Siawis.

“As we work our way through John, as in all the other books we’ve done,” Linda wrote, “we are constantly being blessed by the nuggets of precious truths.”

The Siawi believers pray often for Linda’s health. They pray that she is able to finish her task of putting God’s Word into the Siawi language. Though Linda is retirement age, Lord willing, she intends to stay in the Siawi village until her task is finished.

Please join the Siawi people in praying that Linda will have the health and strength to finish translating the Word of God into the Siawi language.

Watch a video in which Linda talks about the Siawi Bible translation.

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