Okweb protects his daughters

POSTED ON 2011-09-13
  by Christina Conrad

For the Siawi people in Papua New Guinea, it isn’t uncommon for a man to accept money in exchange for the purity of his daughters.

Siawi women have little to no right to refuse to sleep with a man, but that is starting to change among Siawi believers.

One believer, Okweb, is determined to protect his daughters.

“I am tired of people wanting to sleep with my daughters and then just give me money,” Okweb told missionary Linda Krieg. “I want that behavior to stop, not to get money for it!”

Although Okweb no longer allows this, his choice has caused young men to taunt his daughters. One night, four or five young men surrounded Okweb’s home, enticing his daughters out. Okweb gathered his two wives and his daughters inside and tried to see who exactly was outside, taunting them. As soon as he tried to shine light on the instigators, they retreated into the thick of the jungle.

“While this type of thing is hard for them, Okweb said that it is drawing them closer together and helping him to be able to share more with his daughters about living Godly lives,” Linda wrote.  “They are both a lot more ready to listen to what he has to say.”

Praise God for the bond that is developing within Okweb’s family. Also pray for Okweb’s strength as he deals with the pressure of his culture to hand his daughters over to any men who are willing to pay. Pray that he continues to be a Godly leader within his family. Okweb specifically asks for prayer regarding his daughter, Lola. She is nearly deaf due to a childhood ear infection. Okweb believes she is saved, but he wonders how much she understands due to her inability to hear the teaching.

Okweb hopes to teach his daughter to read God’s Word when he teaches another literacy class.  Please pray for Lola’s growth in the Lord.

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