Siars embrace the Law

POSTED ON 2011-09-13
  by Dena McMaster

The missionary team to the Siar people of Papua New Guinea taught Exodus 19 and 20 last week.

The Siar people understood for the first time that they are not a part of the nation of Israel and that the Law was not given to them as rules for their lives or a way to salvation.

Thanks to Bible teaching they now understand that the Law was given to show man’s sinfulness in the light of God’s holiness. This was a huge shift in their worldview. Previously they believed that good deeds could lead to salvation.

“The real encouraging thing was listening to them recount what they had already learned and testify that God had already shown them so clearly that "Law-living’ and self effort would never restore them to God,” wrote Lane Sanford for the Siar team. “They had already seen God make that point so clearly and they were convinced that it could only be faith on God's Promised One that would restore them back to God.”

The Siars still need to hear “the rest of the story.” Next week the missionaries will be teaching the falling away of the Israelites when they made the golden calf and how looking at the bronze serpent saved them from death by snake bites.

Soon the Siars will hear about the prophecies concerning John the Baptist and the coming Deliverer.  In less than one month the teaching will be finished. Pray that the Siar people continue to attend the lessons and that their hearts are open to hearing the Gospel message.

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