Deacon candidates take it seriously

POSTED ON 2011-09-02
  by Dena McMaster

“God doesn’t live and reside in this house. He resides in each one of us, who have believed the Bridge Man talk,” said one of the Yembiyembi believers in the deacon training class.

Missionaries Tim Shontere and Brooks Buse are working with 20 men who desire to serve as deacons in the church. Last week, the deacons worked together to build a fence around the teaching house. After three work days they finished the fence and one of the students initiated a discussion about the purpose of the building.

Most of the deacons affirmed that the building was not the church because the believers are the church.

“Think about it again,” one of them said. “Don’t think that this shabby teaching house is God’s church. No, no, no. Others might look at this thing as a sacred house place, but we cannot. Look at each one of us here, we the people are the church, the crossers group of Christ. We must never forget that.”

Those in the deacon training class are also memorizing Scripture. “If someone can say all five memory verses then they will get a special gift. All the guys are working hard at memorizing the Scripture. Of the 20 guys attending, at least 14 are memorizing faithfully and they are taking it very seriously,” Tim wrote.

Another deacon in training said, “[These verses] need to be woven into the cloth of my thoughts so that I will always have them to refer to in the daily walking. When trouble comes, no worries, you can just pull out that memorized verse from your thinking and you won’t go searching for it. I must memorize them perfectly.”

Praise God with us that these Yembiyembi believers are taking very seriously the task of serving the Lord as deacons. Pray that God will open their eyes to where God needs to mold and change them. Pray also for Tim and Brooks as they shepherd and train these men.

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