Teaching children and praying

POSTED ON 2011-08-31
  by Dena McMaster

Several Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea are learning about what it means to be a good parent.

Missionary Tim Shontere is instructing several couples in the disciplines needed to mold good deacons.

After hearing Bible teaching on parenting and discussing it in their homes, one of the men said, “Guys, this is a big problem in our group. I am trying to teach my children God’s stories and give them good thinking, but it’s very hard to change when we live so close together and children from other houses incite our kids to participate in wicked behavior. I am not giving up on teaching them, and teaching my kids is God’s work given to each of us, but we need to pray strong about this.”

Another believer was quick to agree that husbands and wives need to “be of one mind” in disciplining the children so that the children can not manipulate the parents into forgoing discipline. He reminded them that they are now a group of Christians who need to demonstrate that to others.

“We’re supposed to be the different group! We are supposed to show a different color – the color of our team. We are God’s team.  Let’s ask God to help us put these thoughts into action, then let’s just do it. We need to be serious about this; we only have a short time left on this ground.”

Pray for Tim as he disciples and encourages these couples. Pray that the Yembiyembi believers will grow in their walk with the Lord and will put the lessons on childrearing into practice.

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