Kuman church has ups and downs

POSTED ON 2011-08-29
  by Dena McMaster

Missionaries Will and Kelly Tallman were overjoyed to return from home assignment and find the Kuman church in Papua New Guinea growing.

During the Tallmans’ absence the church continued to reach out to others and more have been added to their number. Three men took turns faithfully teaching and leading the congregation.

But recent elections caused a setback for the church. Political candidates use gifts to gain votes. On the way to the polls you might be offered a case of beer or a coffee machine or even a large sum of money for promising your vote to a particular candidate.

The bribes led to widespread drunkenness and sin. Two men were killed by the fighting going on over who gets what. The road to the village has been blocked so that men cannot go out and buy food or other goods.

Some who were complacent and not strong believers have fallen for the temptation of money and gifts. Many have fallen into sin and left the church.

Yet there is a faithful remnant who continue to meet together and though they are discouraged about the loss of members, they are delighted that Will is back and will begin discipleship – perhaps coaxing some of the wanderers back into the fold.

Pray for the Kuman church to grow in spirit and in numbers. Pray for Will and Kelly as they minister to the Kuman people and disciple the believers.

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