Interest in “end times” brings record attendance

POSTED ON 2011-08-23
  by Dena McMaster

The Yembiyembi people of Papua New Guinea recently finished lessons on the book of 2 Thessalonians. When missionary Tim Shontere announced that they would begin the study of Revelation, they had record attendance.

Bible teaching about Thessalonians had already generated a number of questions as believers sought to understand prophecy.

One believer said about studying Revelation, “I am so excited to hear about the last days and what God has told us about what will happen. We need to teach verse by verse and be ready because I already have 30 questions to ask you. We have heard talk from the wind about things like 666, the anti-Christ man, and the word ‘tribulation,’ but they are just empty English words to our ears. I am so thankful God brought you to share His Word in our language so we can understand it.”

The Yembiyembi team has also started another literacy class and has had a record attendance there too. This time 42 of the 45 students are not believers. The believers are hoping that as the students learn to read God’s Word for themselves they will trust in Christ.

“Those who objected saw how the last class really learned how to read. Not only do they know how to read, but they preach it too! The changed lives of previous students put a fire in others' stomachs to come and learn how to read,” commented one believer.

They noted that God is using the literacy classes to bring the unbelievers into the fold. “Once they learn to read God’s Book for themselves, their thinking will be clear and some will cross over to God’s side.  God is using this literacy class as an outreach time,” another Yembiyembi told the other believers.

Pray that the Yembiyembi believers who are studying the lessons on Revelation will clearly understand God’s message for them. Pray also that those unbelievers who are learning to read and write will understand God’s Word and will trust in Christ.

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