More than a garden

POSTED ON 2008-10-08
  by David Bell

Tumun was overjoyed.

Bena Bena believers in Papua New Guinea listened as they were taught about the early church responding to the needs of others and now they were doing it for Tumun.

As the woman lay on her sick bed, she began praising God when she heard voices and knew that the people were working in her garden.

"I've been praying every morning and night and whenever I think about it and asking God to provide a way for my garden to get planted," she said. "I am a mother and need to care for my family in this way, but because of this sickness I am not able. … [God] saw my sickness and was sorry for me, so He caused His Holy Spirit to make you all want to come and help me!"

Tumun continues to trust in the Lord to heal her.

Her family has made attempts to have the "medicine man" treat her. They recently brought Tumun out of her house to see the witch doctor. When she realized what they were doing she apologized to the man and told all of them that she trusts the Lord to heal her.

"My family members keep trying to bring village 'doctors' to heal me," she said. "I don't want to have anything to do with them because they use Satan's power.

"I still have time. I am waiting for God to heal me. He is powerful. It wouldn't be good now that God has brought me into His fence if I brought the things of Satan into God's place -- I don't want God's house messed up."

Please pray that Tumun's faith will be honored and that God will be glorified among the Bena Bena people.

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