Siawis' questions show confusion

POSTED ON 2008-10-09
  by David Bell

Siawi believers in Papua New Guinea are confused.

As missionaries teach through Romans 8, the believers are asking questions about the Holy Spirit and man's spirit.

"When did we receive our spirit?""Is the spirit we have as a believer different than the spirit we had as an unbeliever?""Can our spirit leave our body?""Does it go to heaven to talk with the Holy Spirit?"

Missionaries Tom Brendle and Jason Swanson are taking time to answer each question and to address their roots -- false teaching from other sources.

To make sure the people hear God's Truth, and that they hear it from their own Bible teachers, the missionaries are beginning to disciple a group of potential teachers.

"We have now had two meetings with a group of men who have a desire to become teachers of the Word," wrote Tom. Fourteen men have attended.

"We know that the demands of being a teacher will weed our numbers down over the coming weeks as distractions come into their lives. Our desire is to have about eight men that Jason and I can disciple as teachers.

"Please be praying that we will see faithful men emerge from this group."

And pray also that the Siawis' confusion will be cleared up as the missionaries continue to teach the rest of Romans 8.

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