'God is so different from us'

POSTED ON 2008-10-22
  by David Bell

The Patpatar people gasped in unison as the glass bottle shattered before them.

The bottle had ten marks on it, representing the Ten Commandments. The missionary struck one of the marks with a hammer to demonstrate that a blow to one of the marks would affect them all.

Through demonstrations like this, and through hearing God's Word, the Patpatars of Papua New Guinea are beginning to see that a Holy God, the owner of all things, has the authority to set a standard and enforce it.

The missionary team has been using skits, illustrations, pictures, object lessons and videos to help the people understand the principles of God's Word.

"As we teach God's Word from the beginning, incorporating culturally appropriate applications, we are beginning to see their false hopes, their false beliefs and their false understandings unravel," wrote missionary Aaron Luse.

One Patpatar man said, "The spirits we have been trusting in are lies from Satan."

"God's is so different from us," another man said, admitting his inadequacies before a Holy God. "He doesn't have a wrong. He is over everything."

"I am guilty of breaking God's laws," a woman told Aaron's wife, Lori. "I haven't followed them like I thought I could. I am a sinner."

Please pray that the Patpatar people will pay close attention as they hear of the One who has made the way for sinners to become righteous before a Holy God.

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