Grandma's death punctuates Bible teaching

POSTED ON 2008-10-29
  by Dena McMaster

The Patpatar people in Papua New Guinea just heard the Bible lesson concerning the Israelites and the bronze snake in the wilderness. A death in the village last week reminded them that death is a reality not just part of a Bible lesson.

Grandma Cecelia had been sick for a long time and missionaries Aaron and Lori Luse and Butch and Tammy Kunzer ministered to her with food and comfort. They shared the Gospel with her, making clear that Jesus' death was the payment for her sins.

Two weeks ago Aaron once again shared the Gospel message with her, at that time, she raised her head and with all the strength she could said, "Jesus' death." Only God knew her heart but her understanding seemed to grow each time they shared with her.

On Wednesday Lori and Tammy took a meal and gently fed it to her. She seemed to enjoy the egg and soup but was even hungrier for God's Word. Lori read to her from John 14 and told her "Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life.'" Cecelia asked them to pray for her.

Thursday morning Butch and Aaron heard that Cecelia was worse so went up to the village to visit her. It appeared she had had a stroke and was incoherent. A little later the missionaries went to sit with "Grandma" Cecelia and her family.

Later that day, Cecelia died peacefully. Aaron Luse wrote, "We are so grateful for the times we had to share the Gospel with Grandma."

This week the Patpatar missionary team will finish teaching the Bible lessons in the Old Testament and then present the life of Christ. Please pray for the Patpatar people to hear and clearly understand the lessons. Pray that the death of Cecelia will help the people recognize their need of a Savior.

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