Broken ankle breaks schedule

POSTED ON 2008-10-30
  by David Bell

Work on the Simbari New Testament in Papua New Guinea has been temporarily halted due to a broken ankle.

Earlier this month the translation team was able to do the final check on the book of Acts and missionary David Ogg and a Simbari co-worker were just days away from beginning to draft the book of Romans.

A phone call Saturday interrupted the Oggs' schedule, creating a rush of activity in the tribe. It was decided that the whole family would fly out immediately.

David and Shari Ogg's teenage son, Simon, broke his ankle while "mud surfing" at the school for missionary children.

When a good rain leaves the school's playing field with a nice big puddle of water, the kids love to take advantage of it by mud surfing -- seeing who can send a spray of water and mud the farthest. Simon's ankle snapped during one of his attempts.

Originally, it was thought that Simon would be able to have his ankle taken care of in country, but then it was determined that he needed to be flown to Australia. The Oggs began processing the paperwork to get their visas.

Please pray that Simon will receive good medical care and that the Oggs will be able to return soon to their ministry -- and the translation of Romans -- in the tribe.

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