Patpatars still missing something

POSTED ON 2008-11-04
  by Dena McMaster

This week the Patpatar people of Papua New Guinea will hear teaching from the New Testament.

One man, a village leader, stood and proclaimed the new truths he has learned to his fellow Patpatars. Just a few months ago he was telling everyone that the beliefs and traditions concerning the spirit world were what they should trust in. Now he was telling them about God's holiness and justice and man's sinfulness.

"But part of his story was missing," wrote missionary Aaron Luse. "The true climax of his speech was missing the way in which sinful man could be redeemed to a holy God."

The missionary team ministering to the Patpatars is beginning the teaching on the life of Christ this week. Aaron Luse and Butch Kunzer taught on the announcement of the coming of John the Baptist and Jesus on Monday. Today they heard about the birth of John the Baptist and tomorrow they will hear about the birth of Jesus, the promised Deliverer.

Pray for the Patpatar people as they hear "the rest of the story." Pray that their hearts will be open to the truth. Just as one village leader recognized God's holiness in the Old Testament teaching, pray that they will grow in their understanding of Christ as Aaron and Butch teach evangelistic Bible lessons.

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