Uriays hiding from witchdoctor

POSTED ON 2008-11-06
  by Dena McMaster

Literacy and Bible lessons are almost ready for the Uriay people of Papua New Guinea, but right now few are around the village.

Many are hiding in the jungle in fear of retaliation over a land dispute by Trowi, a local witchdoctor. They have returned to the nomadic life, gathering food from the jungle for sustenance.

The missionaries ministering to the Uriay will begin teaching in early 2009 and are praying that God will prepare Uriay hearts and that they will return to the village in time to hear evangelistic Bible lessons.

Missionary Lisa Kappeler has translated Scriptures for the Bible lessons into the Uriay language and Elias and Jose Struik are transitioning from the role of language learners into Bible teachers. Literacy classes will soon begin among those Uriays still in the village and the missionaries are preparing the people to hear the Bible lessons.

Currently literacy materials are being edited by missionaries and their Uriay co-workers. The team plans to meet with village leaders in the next few weeks to discuss teaching literacy as well as beginning evangelistic Bible teaching. Pray that the leaders will be favorable to their proposal.

Matt and Rachel Clayton have completed their orientation to Papua New Guinea and are making preparations to join the
team in March. Pray for a smooth transition for them.

Pray too for the preparation of materials and plans for teaching the Gospel message to the Uriay people. Pray too that God will prepare the hearts of the Uriays to hear the message.

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