Hungry yet deaf

POSTED ON 2008-11-11
  by David Bell

The Patpatar people in Papua New Guinea are beginning to hear about Jesus' earthly ministry.

Yesterday they heard lesson 52 of the 70 evangelistic Bible lessons the missionaries have prepared in order to clearly present the message of salvation.

The people are testifying to how the teaching has been affecting them in positive ways and are starting to ask more questions.

One man in the village, who has been deaf since illness took away his hearing as a young child, has been attending the teaching for the past two weeks and has shown great interest in the pictures the missionaries use to accompany the lessons.

On Thursday he was pointing to each picture and in his form of communication, asking a relative to tell him what was going on.

The woman relative later told missionary Butch Kunzer, "Here is a man that is so hungry to hear God's Word and yet there are others who are able to but are not interested."

"Our hearts are heavy for this man," wrote Butch. "The people call him 'Wan Man.' He is probably in his 20's and he communicates mostly by acting out what he wants people to understand."

"We so desperately want a chance to be able to communicate to him the message of the Gospel, possibly through drama?"

The missionary team plans to present the death burial and resurrection of Christ in early December.

Please pray that they will know how to communicate the Gospel to "Wan Man" and that all of the Patpatars who are hearing the message will come to a clear understanding of salvation and place their faith in Christ.

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