Yembiyembis growing and sharing

POSTED ON 2008-11-13
  by David Bell

Missionaries Brooks and Nina Buser are finding it a "pure joy" to be around the Yembiyembi believers of Papua New Guinea and watching them grow in their relationships to Christ.

The Yembiyembi people "are in their Bibles more than any group I know and are making the most of the opportunities to share with family members, outside villagers and anyone that will listen," wrote Brooks.

"It is incomprehensible to most of them why others can't see what the Bridge-man (Jesus) did for them."

Last week as the believing women met, one of them prayed for the unbelieving women.

"God Papa, we don't know what talk will be the right talk to make these ladies sit well with you, but you know their inner thinking, you know their stomach/livers (where you feel things) and we know you can open thoughts. Help their eyes to open and their thinking to be straight so they can eat your talk and taste the sweetness of it."

"The village is going through the most sustained time of strife they have ever been through," Brooks wrote. "Every death, sickness, lost fish, sunny day; good or bad event … is in some way being tied to which side of the fence people are on."

Those who are "crossers" (one who crossed from Satan to God's side) can bank on getting some flack throughout the day.

This week, Michael, a leader among the believers, said, "We know that true talk always goes first over lie talk (truth wins out against lies), and the group of people that God has hand marked as His is not a little boy group (three chiefs and four upcoming chiefs are in crossers group).

"I don't have God's eyes but I see he has blocked the fishes escape routes (the unbelievers have to live with believers all around) and it is our part to be feeding them this talk when they are with us. True talk is our spear, not fighting, not throwing stones (insults). Let's use our spear and let's see what happens."

One test the believers will soon face is their first baptismal service Nov. 24.

"Please pray," wrote Brooks, "for the believers and the inevitable gauntlet they will run that day."

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