Missing the letter O

POSTED ON 2008-11-25
  by David Bell

God is at work in the hearts of the Patpatar people of Papua New Guinea, showing them that they don't have all the answers to life's biggest questions.

Last week at the end of one Bible lesson, Kele stood to tell the people about an old legend.

"There once was a man from another island who came and lived near here. He was very smart and knew all the languages. He knew the trade language of Papua New Guinea. He knew the language of his own tribe. He knew the language of the tribe next to us. He knew the Patpatar language, and he even knew 'American.'

"One day someone asked him if he knew all the languages of the world and all the sounds there were. The man responded, 'I know everything except the letter O.'"

Missionary Aaron Luse was left bewildered at the story until Kele asked some pointed questions.

"Are we like that man? Have we learned many things but missed the key? Have we learned how to act good with all our works? Have we learned how to do the right things for the spirits? Have we learned how to go to church and follow those rules? Have we learned all that and missed the most important thing there is to know? Have we missed the letter O?"

The Patpatars are realizing there is something missing. One by one, they are seeing that the things they have been depending on for the afterlife and for "getting to God" are not enough. The lessons about Christ have been pulling away the crutches they have been leaning on. Now they are looking for answers to fill the hole in their lives.

Only two more weeks until the answer is presented. Only two more weeks until they hear that the Messiah they are learning about has paid the price for their sins.

"Many are looking for the big O to be filled," Aaron wrote.

Please pray that the Patpatars will understand and place their faith in Christ in these last two weeks of critical teaching.

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