Pumpkins, fish and sago

POSTED ON 2008-11-25
  by Dena McMaster

The Malaumanda people of Papua New Guinea are facing a severe food shortage and many are spending much of their time in the bush searching for food.

When the Bagwido believers heard about the food shortage they were excited to be able to help. Many of the Bagwidos have been saved less than a year but are growing in the Lord. Missionary Mark Woodard says there is a renewed sense of vigor and spiritual hunger as the people are being taught major themes such as baptism, communion and church life.

This opportunity to show their love and support for another tribe was another step in living out their faith. They sent pumpkins, fish and sago to the Malaumandas.

"This is not something that would naturally happen," wrote missionary Eric Hedeen. "Chalk it up to the Spirit of God moving in the lives of those who are now His children. It was an encouragement to the folks here as well."

God used the relatively new believers among the Bagwidos to encourage and build the faith of the Malaumanda believers who are facing a difficult situation.

Please pray for the Bagwidos to continue to grow and to demonstrate their faith through actions. Pray also for the Malaumandas to continue to trust in the Lord in spite of hardship.

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