'He holds us in His fingers'

POSTED ON 2008-12-01
  by David Bell

Nine Yembiyembi believers in Papua New Guinea bravely stepped into the water to be baptized last week, despite the anger and violence it was causing in the tribe.

Some unbelievers couldn't understand what was happening and displayed their anger with spears in their hands. Their threats to use the spears didn't dissuade the believers. The "crossed-over ones" stood on the sides of the banks, clapping excitedly.

The believers owned the whole process and did a great job decorating and adding their touches to the event.

At first, only five people were going to be baptized, but four more stepped forward to join the group.

Missionary Brooks Buser baptized the first three and then those three baptized the rest.

"It was really neat to watch them take it on and do a great job," Brooks wrote.

Each believer told the crowd what baptism means and why they had decided to be baptized.

One believer, Michael, was not going to be baptized until January, but when he saw the pressure being put on by some of the other leaders in the tribe he changed his mind.

That night, at a party to celebrate the baptism, Michael said, "Today we have kicked down the boundary. We are the first ones through the door. But don't think that we followed tricky words … and that is why we were baptized. No. I read with my eyes what God's Talk says and because I saw it and knew it was true I had to follow it.

"You crossers (believers) don't be afraid. We are three and they are five (we are the minority) but don't forget who is our spear (strength). Don't forget whose kids we are. He won't forget us. He holds us in His fingers and He alone will hold our time on this ground (knows when we die). I fear no one here, black, white, sorcerer or priest, no one. Only God holds my time."

Please pray that the believers will continue to stand firmly in their faith and that the courage of those who were baptized will speak to their fellow believers and to those who have opposed them.

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