Big day for Patpatars

POSTED ON 2008-12-03
  by Brian Johnson

The day has finally arrived for the Patpatar people of Papua New Guinea.

Today, missionaries Aaron Luse and Butch Kunzer presented the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It's the climax of 13 weeks of teaching and years of training and preparation.

This is an exciting time but challenges remain. An individual came to the tribe last week and told everyone not to listen to the "white men's talk." The missionaries have also found out that some people who have not attended the lessons are claiming that the teaching is not from God's Word.

Some visitors even came into the area with promises of gold being discovered and this has drawn some people away.

But most of the Patpatars who have attended the teaching are still coming faithfully and were ready to hear the Gospel message.

Please pray for the missionaries to be able to explain the message clearly. Pray also that many Patpatar people will come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

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