More Lavongais trust in Christ

POSTED ON 2008-12-16
  by David Bell

Earlier this month a group of Lavongai people in Papua New Guinea heard the final evangelistic Bible lesson and Christ's finished work on the cross was explained.

When missionary Wade Ebersole invited the people to share what they were thinking, Moses spoke and gave a clear testimony of faith in Christ.

Three believers from when the Gospel was first presented in 2005 -- David, Mandes, and Delsi -- also shared their testimonies.

"We were thrilled to see them speak up so spontaneously and with such conviction about what Christ had done for them," Wade wrote.

The last person to share was Moses' eldest son, Ien. He keenly followed the teaching and often shared things that showed he understood the message.

Ien said he knew he had heard the truth and that Christ died for him, but because of past failures he was hesitant to make a personal commitment. There was sadness in Ien's voice as he struggled to share.

The next day, Wade and his wife, Deanne, left for a break, but their co-workers, Jon and Janet Mitchell and Sarah Pauli, followed up the teaching by showing a film, The Hope, the story of God's promise for all people.

After seeing the film, Moses' wife, Rhondi, was very emotional as she said, "I have received this teaching that is good for helping me. I am a sinner. I saw that (film) there and my thinking is crushed. I caused Jesus to hang! I am sinful in the eyes of all of you and in the eyes of God. And now I see the things they did to Jesus. What can I do? What can I say because I hung Jesus (there) with my sin? … I give myself to God and He will help me in this life here down below and in the life up above."

Please pray that God will continue to convict all of those who heard the Gospel, and pray that Ien will understand the grace of God and how Jesus did all the work through the cross.

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