Baptizing and teaching more

POSTED ON 2009-01-19
  by Dena McMaster

Twenty-six Abau men and women were baptized in Papua New Guinea last month.

"It was great to hear each individual testify concerning their faith in front of all the gathered village people standing along the bank," wrote missionary Kelly Luyendyk. "Frank [Tertel], I and four other believers assisted in the baptisms."

Frank and Kelly are teaching the believers from the book of Romans. The men meet on Monday evenings for sharing and prayer. The older women meet on Tuesday evenings while the younger meet on Wednesdays.

Many village families are in their bush camps in the jungle hunting and working in their gardens. So the missionary team ministering to the Abaus, Kelly, his wife Sien, Frank and Mirjam along with Mike and Jen Cratch, are working together to prepare materials to take to the bush for Bible study. The team would like to meet with the believers in the bush for prayer and Bible study.

In February a Bible school will begin. Four village believers will teach the course with guidance from the missionaries. They plan to re-teach evangelistic lessons to those who heard before but were confused about the actual message. There are 30 lessons that will take approximately seven weeks to teach.

"The guys who have been selected to teach the course are pretty excited about the opportunity," wrote Kelly.

Pray for the newly-baptized Abaus. Pray also for the team of missionaries ministering to the Abau people.

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