Sickness and stolen laptops can't stop translation

POSTED ON 2009-02-11
  by Brian Johnson

Two weeks ago at 4:30 a.m. in Papua New Guinea, missionaries Tom and Corinne Palmer suddenly awoke. They quickly discovered that one or more thieves had managed to break into the mission guest house where they were staying.

The back door slammed as their unwanted visitors made a hasty getaway, climbing over an eight-foot fence to escape. Along with credit cards and some cash, the thieves also managed to get away with two of the Palmer's laptop computers.

The theft was the latest in a series of interruptions for the final revision of the Hamtai New Testament. For the month of January several Hamtai men came out to the mission home to work with Tom and Corinne on the translation.

The translation team battled malaria and the flu as they tried to get the scripture portions completed. Corinne came down with a severe case of the flu also, and had to keep on treating sick members of the team with malaria medicine and vitamin C as she battled her own sickness.

Thankfully the main laptop that is being used for the translation was not stolen. Tom had to quickly purchase another computer for one of his main translation helpers to use, but the data was safe.

Even with sickness and stolen laptops, the team managed to forge ahead together. By the end of January they reached their goal of revising Matthew 13-28 and Luke 1-7.

Pray for wisdom for the translation team as they try to finish the New Testament revision sometime in 2010. Pray also for good health for the different members of the team who have been battling sickness.

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