Wusuraambyans hunger for God's Word

POSTED ON 2009-02-13
  by Brian Johnson

Last Wednesday, about 60 Wusuraambya people gathered in Papua New Guinea.

They had been working hard in their gardens all day, but instead of going home to rest they chose to come to church. The believers sat down together and learned how to live their lives in Christ from the book of Romans.

Then on Sunday about 60 adults and close to 60 children gathered to be taught from the book of Acts.

For missionaries Andrew and Cathy Goud, the crowd of people coming to learn from God's Word is an incentive and a reminder of the importance of their translation work. As they labor to put the Bible into the Wusuraambya language, they know that there are many who want God's Word, and many more who need it.

Andrew is currently working on the book of Exodus, and Cathy on the book of Ruth. This along with the task of making sure the lessons in Acts and Romans are clear and accurate is keeping them and their translation helpers busy.

Pray for energy and wisdom for the Gouds and their translation helpers. Pray also for the Wusuraambya Bible teachers as they bring God's Word to their own people.

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