Jungle Jam

POSTED ON 2009-03-05
  by Dena McMaster

Returning to their home in Papua New Guinea after a three-month absence was an adventure for missionaries Mike and Sandy Mikolavich.

Mike wrote about some of the sounds that greeted him on their arrival, pigs squealed at their Yagaria brother's house next door and Sandy squealed because a dead cockroach got stuck to her hand. A rooster crowed loudly next door adding to the cacophony of noises.

Later he spent a long time trying to clean out Sandy's iron because when she was ironing some guck came out and landed on a blouse. Some insect "friends" had made their home inside the iron while the couple were gone.

Mike also discovered his pet golden orb spiders were gone.

"I was looking forward to seeing them again," Mike wrote. "Because Sandy and I travel so much we can't have a dog so these were my pets. I hope one or two more come to our back veranda and spin their webs again."

The upside to Mike and Sandy's return is reuniting with friends and fellow missionaries. His next-door-neighbor with the squealing pigs, Kili, greeted him warmly. Mike and Sandy's neighbors on the other side, Jim and Kathy Tanner, were thankful to have their co-laborers back.

After the arduous task of getting settled into their home, Mike wrote, "we've enjoyed being back in the saddle here with consultant ministries and shepherd-leader-servant roles. Among other things, I'll be doing content checks for Jeremiah Markley as he is preparing Bible lessons for the young Dinangat church this week."

Mike is helping Jeremiah prepare accurate and understandable lessons so that Bible teachers can use them to teach other Dinangats who can use them as resources in order to teach their children and grandchildren.

Pray for Mike and Sandy as they minister to missionaries who are planting churches in remote tribal areas.

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