Light shines among Kumans

POSTED ON 2009-03-10
  by Christina Johnson

The Kuman tribe, one of the larger and more revered tribes in Papua New Guinea, has a problem that is common to people groups around the world -- drugs and alcohol use are highly visible throughout their villages.

Missionary Mike Mikolavich said that other groups are preaching another Jesus among the Kumans -- a mere namesake that is not sufficient to save their sins. The Jesus he hears preached needs human help, and salvation is achieved through good works.

"They preach a message that people need to help their Jesus in saving themselves by trying to reform their lives, striving to be good and to obey the Ten Commandments and go to church," Mike wrote. "In reality, they have multiple redeemers: Jesus, themselves, saints they pray to, church leaders."

The Kumans, however, are not all lost. Missionaries from New Tribes Mission are seeing God's Truth make its way into the hearts of the Kuman people. They have been dedicated to teaching and loving these people and maintaining hope that God will move in these villages.

"It's so good to see and experience the new life that shines among some of the believers," Mike wrote. "But others are struggling, still having a heart for sin. Some believers … have even said, 'I know I'm inside of God's garden fence (I'm a child of God), but I just want to keep getting drunk. Plan on me getting drunk again.'"

Please pray that the Kumans will learn of the real Jesus who died for them. Pray that they will realize there is nothing they can do to save themselves. Also pray for the missionaries as they adjust to living among these people and ministering to them.

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