Apologies, an answer to prayer

POSTED ON 2009-03-18
  by Brian Johnson

The last month has been a hard one for Bena Bena believers in Papua New Guinea.

A neighboring village was the victim of a surprise attack from one of their enemies. The fighting continued and escalated for three weeks, forcing the missionaries to temporarily move out of the tribe.

During the fighting, a couple of Bena Bena people were injured. Rumors circulated that the Bena Benas would get involved in the fighting to retaliate for the injuries.

Heti, one of the key believers, didn't want to fight. He believed that God didn't want them to get involved.

But he knew it was important that the Bena Bena people have the opportunity to communicate their displeasure with the tribe that caused the injuries. Heti asked God to intervene.

Missionary Dawn Foster wrote: "The next morning, the leaders of the people who caused the injuries called for Heti and another village leader to come to their village. At that meeting, they apologized for the injuries, promised that they would compensate according to cultural expectations, and requested that the Benas not get involved."

Heti was very excited. He told the missionaries, "We true-believers are really God's children, and I have seen God answer my prayers."

Praise God for protecting the Bena Bena people and the missionaries in the recent fighting. Pray that the believers' testimony of non-aggression will help bring the fighting tribes to Christ.

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