Hard times require encouragement

POSTED ON 2009-04-14
  by Christina Johnson

This week, missionary Andrew Goud is spending time discipling Wusuraambya believers in Papua New Guinea.

Andrew will be checking translations and offering support, encouragement and teaching to the Wusuraambyan Bible teachers.

Two believers, Jesi and Josek have been busy working on the revision of the book of Exodus in their language. They also take turns with another believer, Willis, in teaching the book of Acts and Romans.

The Wusuraambyas in the village are enjoying the lessons, but some of the believers are facing difficult situations in their lives. Discouraged, they choose to stay home.

"Last week, we encouraged the three Bible teachers to go visit these people in their homes so they could find out what was wrong and encourage them from God's Word," Cathy Goud wrote.

Please pray that the Bible teachers will be able to motivate their fellow believers to continue coming to the lessons despite stresses or hard times in their lives.

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