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POSTED ON 2009-04-16
  by Dena McMaster

Balus and Hana, East Gimi believers in Papua New Guinea, were sent by their church as cross-cultural missionaries to the West Gimi tribal people who speak the Mihi language.

After considerable study Balus now understands the West Gimi culture and has reached fluency in the Mihi language.
Seong and Mina Mun, New Tribes missionaries from Korea, have joined Balus and Hana to reach the West Gimi people.

Seong is 62 and while that is considered a bit old to learn a foreign language, he is nearly fluent in the Mihi language. Seong and Mina first had to learn English, then Melanesian Pidgin, the trade language in Papua New Guinea, and finally the Mihi language.

Mike and Sandy Mikolavich along with Rich Foster, who ministers to the Bena Bena people, flew into the West Gimi village to help the missionaries strategize and implement church planting principles. Sandy will help the missionaries formulate a strategy for teaching literacy in the future.

Seong has suffered some serious health problems but intends to continue serving among the Mihi people until he is in his 70s.

Pray for Balus and Hana, tribal believers who have become cross-cultural tribal missionaries, and for Seong and Mina as they minister to the Mihi people. Pray also for Mike and Sandy Mikolavich as they fellowship with the team and discuss God's work among the Mihi people.

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